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Stepping into the lobby of the hotel room and hope there is still an empty room real disappointment. Already more than five hotels visited, all full. Currently, only felt remorse for not booking accommodation room before heading to holiday destinations. That is one experience that really gives a lesson to me the importance of making room reservations during peak hours, especially during the festive season.

During the festive season, many took the opportunity to vacation with family and friends. Hence, to avoid problems, including hotel rooms, dining and travel destinations will be visited, early planning is your savior! By planning ahead, you not only avoid crowded for a particular location, but the trip will be more relaxed and enjoyable even in festive holiday season. This time travel tips listed several things that should be observed while traveling during the festive season, especially with children.

  1. Prepare all: Before going on vacation, make sure you make full preparation includes ensuring accommodation and transport to the destination already booked. Goods to be brought also need to be provided before departure.
  2. List the places you wish to visit: List of locations that will be visited along with alternative locations if too many people in the place you want to go. Heavily congested roads not provide fun but stressful. Thus diverted from the goal of a peaceful and enjoyable holiday together with your loved ones.
  3. Rest well: If a vacation outside the city by driving yourself, get enough rest before driving to the destination. This is because fatigue will make you irritable and tend to be grumpy!
  4. Bring snacks and medicines: Snacks, drinks and drugs if not carried can cause problems for you, especially if with family. By bringing snacks, drinks and medicines, you will be better prepared to face any problem.

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